Gen1 (my12) radio translate software


в клубе с 25.03.2024
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Hi everyone. I just bought a 2015 ceremony with the gen1 radio(my12).
I also updated the software of the radio, then i started to look around to get it translated to hungarian.

I ised lgu2dir.exe to look around the internal files in the update, i found the files i needed and edited the english one to hungarian using resource editor.

I tried to repack it with dir2lgu.exe but the radio does not accept the file because the header name is not that specific one.
I also dissassembled the snowball.exe and found out they removed the break out to desktop codes from the Test Mode dial screen. You can only launch the explorer.exe when the radio app(mona.exe) crashed or you launch the snowball.exe with a specific argument.

So either way I'm stuck. Any help?